Phuket Quick Print.

(Commercial registration number: 3801300549740)

Registered with the Department of Business Development

Head Office; No. 85/16 Moo 4, Kathu Sub-district, Kathu District, Phuket Province 83120 (Phuket Quick Print) has provided this website. All products and services are subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. (“Terms and Conditions”)

Method of payment, payer obligations, And transfer ownership rights

  1. Phuket Quick Print accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. Bank transfer Cash on delivery (COD) and credit invoices under certain circumstances By choosing a payment method, you agree that: You have the authority involved in using the payment method.
  2. Bank transfer: Orders will be processed only when the payment is clear and available in the account of Phuket Quick Print. You must upload proof of payment. (Such as payment receipts or deposit slips)
  3. If you want to deduct withholding taxes in the country, You must choose bank transfer as the payment method and only on behalf of the company.
  4. Design service Template design Choose and customize from our template at no additional cost. Without modifying (If the adjustment is different from the template, We charge extra)
  5. If you prepare a message, Images, designs, or other content provided by Phuket Quick Print for use in design services. You agree to provide all necessary information to claim rights and authority to use text, images, designs, or any other content. Provided and such use will not conflict with trademarks, copyrights, or other rights.
  6. Phuket Quick Print reserves the right to refuse to accept design service orders or cancel design service orders before completing any time and for any reason.
  7. Phuket Quick Print reserves the right to use your design or product design service project as an example work for advertising, sales promotion, and internal purposes.
  8. Phuket Quick Print will not be responsible for the due date caused by the delay of the customer. It will not refund the customer if there is a delay due to the delay in designing the customer’s approval process or communication with Phuket Quick Print staff.
  9. All design delivery time is an estimate. Orders can vary by order. Phuket Quick Print is not responsible for delayed charges, affecting the project duration or the customer’s printing.
  10. When you finalize the design, you agree that Phuket Quick Print is not responsible for any design errors, including spelling and grammar errors.
  11. Phuket Quick Print reserves the right to decide which shipping methods to use with the appropriate delivery service. In general, we will try to deliver products as quickly as possible by Kerry or EMS carrier.
  12. Phuket Quick Print reserves the right to collect delivery fees. For some products specified in the quotation
  13. Phuket Quick Print reserves the right to collect product design fees. If customers cancel the production
  14. Phuket Quick Print reserves the right not to return the deposit of customers in all cases. As the product is in the process of being prepared for production Or finished production-ready for delivery
  15. Everyday actions that lead to delays in receiving your product:
  • Delivering documents late about your payment method. (Such as confirmation of bank transfer)
  • Uploading files again after the deadline
  • File uploads are erroneous and must be corrected.
  • Delayed approval or disapproval of digital publications or online publications
  • The delivery address or other required information is incorrect, error, outdated or incomplete Phuket Quick Print is not responsible for any costs related to the above actions.