business card phuket quick print

1. Business card printing, offset system How many days does it take to produce?
> Create business cards that promote your brand for design 3-4 working day
> For printing production time 5-7 working days.
> A business card of Thailand standard size 90×54 mm
> 2-sided coating, glossy and matte
> Create a more fantastic impression with rounded corners.

The size of the business card


business cards size

2. The size of the business card file that should be to the printer?
A: Business card size 90×54 mm. The standard length of a business card in Thailand. All files must be bleed at least 3 millimeters, and the margin is at least 3 millimeters for important content.

Note: Business card sizes vary by country. If you need your own standard size business card, You can do it! Just make sure your design has 3 mm of margin for the finished size of the workpiece.

3. Suggestions for making artwork Business card printing and other publications> Choose the color for the journal’s design should choose CMYK Color Mode only because the color system used in print is CMYK.
> Specify the area around the edge of the job. If we design the publication so that the image and color area will end at the line of work, Printed works appear with white borders. Therefore, in the journal’s layout, it must allow more space for the image and color beyond the edge of the workpiece not less than 3 mm and should be placed 3 mm away from the cutting edge. Messages will not cut off.
> Management of fonts Before submitting a file made in the Illustrator program, we should create an outline to prevent the problem of not supporting printing fonts from the printing house.
> Using white characters, Making the names on the dark floor look more eye-catching. If using a small and skinny font, it will cause the font to be lost and unreadable. When printing, The best solution is to Do not use too little and too thin characters.
> Large font The color value used must not have more than 250% combined color values, such as black color c20 k100 = 120% or k100 only and small size Do not enter more than two color pigments because there will be opportunities to print and overlap.
> The total image color used must not exceed 250%
> Do not use the effect lens because when printing, the colors will change to different colors.
> In the case of Effect Transparency, convert the Background and Effect images into images.

international paper size

4. The standard paper size which called A-series paper, starting with AO.
What is the size of a standard paper?
A0 paper size is 84.1 cm. X 118.9 cm. Or 33.11 inches x 46.81 inches.
A1 paper size is 59.4 cm x 84.1 cm or 23.38 in x 33.11 in.
A2 paper size is 42 cm. X 59.4 cm. Or 16.53 inches x 23.38 inches.
A3 paper size is 29.7 cm. X 42 cm. Or 11.69 inches x 16.53 inches.
A4 paper size is 21 cm. X 29.7 cm. Or 8.26 inches x 11.69 inches.
A5 paper size is 14.8 cm x 21 cm or 5.82 in x 8.26 in.
A6 paper size is 10.5 cm x 14.85 cm or 4.13 in x 8.26 in.
A7 paper size is 7.4 cm x 10.5 cm or 2.91 in x 4.13 in.

5. The customer wants to know the price of the print job?
What must the print shop know to calculate the price?
1. Print Business Card; What size business card, how many colors, how many sides, how many gram papers, is it coated or not, How many cards to order (minimum of 200 cards/name)
2. Print flyers; how many colors, how many sides, what paper? How many gram papers are they coated? (Glossy/matte) Are there any other techniques as well? How many orders?
3. Print Posters; How many posters, how many colors, how many sides, what paper, how many gram papers? (Glossy/matt) Are there any other techniques to add? How many orders?
5. Print Card or Wedding Card; What size card, how many colors, how many sides, how many gram of papers is it coated? How many orders?
6. Print The book, journal, catalog; what size is the cover, and what form? How many colors to print? Lamination or not (glossy / matt) Are their other techniques, such as die-cut, foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, etc. How many colors, how many pages, and what kind of binding? And How many orders?
7. Print Menu; What size menu and how many grams of paper cover? How many colors, how many sides, coated, or not? (Glossy / Matte) Are there other techniques to add or not, such as die-cut, foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, etc. How many types and how many books? How many orders?
8.Order Packaging Box; Packaging box How many unfolded sizes, how many colors, how many sides, what paper? How many are gram paper coated? (Glossy/matte) Are there other techniques to add or not, such as foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, etc. box How many orders?
9. Order Sticker; how many colors, materials are PVC stickers or paper stickers? Coated with or not (glossy / matt), die-cut around sticker? How many orders? How many lights.